Japan’s once colorful kimonos are long asleep.Just like old vinyl.
We dig them out, lay them down, and drop the needle.
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W@nderFabric is a Japanese fashion brand

creating caps using kimonos, Japanese traditional clothing.

Nowadays, opportunities to wear kimonos have decreased in Japan.

Thus, many kimonos that once colorfully painted

the streets of Japan are sleeping in chests.

The mission of W@nderFabric is to awaken these kimonos and upcycle

them to integrate them with today’s modern fashion.

Established 2016



The “Kimonos” is a traditional Japanese garment,

and the national dress of Japan before the culture of wearing

Western style clothes came to Japan.

The shape is flat, from which parts cut out in a straight line from a cloth roll

are sewn together. People put on long kimonos and tie them with obi.

The trends of materials vary by era,

but they are mainly cotton, hemp, wool, and silk. In the Meiji period,

sericulture flourished and Japan was known as a silk production

area by people all over the world.

Kimonos’ patterns, dyeing and weaving are different in each region.

Additionally, many of these patterns have natural motifs,

so they are brilliant and beautiful.

Japanese treasured kimonos and developed special preservation methods,

so their condition is kept beautiful even they were made 100 years ago.

But now it is common that kimonos are “sleeping in chests.”

I reassemble the charm of not only the art of the craftsperson

that lived in the past but also the kimono’s atmosphere of the good old days.


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