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“Kimono” is a garment which Japanese used before the culture of wearing Western style clothes came to Japan.
The "Kimono" material features silhouette composed of straight lines.
“Kimono” put a long – wear on the body and wear by connecting sash belt.
It is different such as epidemic of material by era but cotton, hemp, wool and silk is mainly materials.
Especially Japan was a thriving much is regarded as silk production area worldwide in the Meiji era.
Because of this, the "Kimono" showed a unique development bearing particular patterns and weaving method.
Many materials were produced on a motif of natural phenomenon. 
They are brilliant, beautiful, eccentric and of a lot of fun. Many of “Kimono” is determined of form, 
color and pattern that matches the each use such as family ceremonies and ritual. 
For example, pattern is applied those auspicious, treasure ship, phoenix, crane and turtle in celebration seat. 
Since Japanese is in the habit to take care of things, often stored in a perfect condition in 100 years ago “Kimono”.
It is because preservation method of the “Kimono” has been developed.
 "Kimono" nowadays and it sleeps in a chest of drawers. 
However we, Japanese, have less opportunity to wear, in addition to such ceremonies and weddings. 
The Wonder Fabric, is to produce a cap by reusing the Japanese traditional "Kimono".
We began the activities in order to convey again the charm of “Kimono” in Japanese and overseas people.
Undo seams in “Kimono” and parts are taken apart into pieces, disassembled pieces are sorted out,
 cleaning and classified by a certain standard.We can only product cap up to 8pcs.
The same thing is no other product because change all the stitching.
Feeling the air of old age and thinking of the technique of craftsmen who lived then, 
attractive points of "Kimono" materials are made good use of for the material of new articles in the way to melt with modern fashion.

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